Please Note:
 We open for membership. Please, if you would like to be part of Batala band, come to our rehearsal on Saturdays.   We will be adding rehearsal days and venues soon!

Who can be part of the band?
Anyone older than 13 years age, regardless of race, religion, income or musical experience.

What if I have never played an instrument before?
90% of the members in the band have never played any instruments in their lives. We will assigned you to a drum appropriate for your level of experience.teach how to play and you will be performing with us in no time.

Does it cost anything to join the band?
The purchase of a Batala Starter Kit is necessary, however, we’ll provide you with the instrument and costumes for free.

Saturday Sunday
13h00 14h00
Norwood Park, Grant Avenue, Norwood Solomon Mahlangu Arena, Mamelodi
Good Attitude !!!

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